Mistakes People Make With Mouse Traps

Mistakes People Make With Mouse Traps

Mouse in the house is a total disaster. Have you ever met your favorite dress with holes from mouse bites, or one of those important documents in pieces? If you notice mice in the house, please get a way of killing them or taking them outside before it is too late. Setting a mice trap is easy, but many people make mistakes in the process. With simple mistakes, the pest will not die. This article will help you realize some of the mistakes when setting a trap for this notorious pest.

Mice trap mistakes

Too much bait

This is a mistake made by many people unknowingly. What is the problem with too much bait? Now what most of us do, is fail to spread the poison to all parts of the bait. That way the pest only eats the part without poison hence gets away with it. To avoid such a mistake, mix just a small bait portion with poison and make sure that you do it thoroughly. We need in the business of feeding the pest but doing away with it.

Dirty house

Another mistake is keeping the house dirty. With a dirty house, mice will never go away. The reason, they will find a hiding place all the time. Before starting to trap them, make sure under beds and wardrobes are clear. They will not have anywhere to hide and might start moving out to get a safer place.

Wrong position

Make sure that you master the mice routes. This way you will have the traps placed strategically on the areas the use. If you place them far in other parts of the mouse, they might not pass there hence, won’t meet the bait. It is also important if you check for any holes where they hide. This will be a perfect location. Do not place them near water sources or storage point. Some baits are meant to dehydrate the pest; it will not work if the drinking water after eating it.