Eliminate back pain with the help of a percussion massager

Eliminate back pain with the help of a percussion massager

Almost 80% of all adults suffer from some back pain. In most cases. The most common type is lower back pain. Our backs are one of the most vulnerable parts of our bodies since we use them for nearly every single move we make. Back pain can be quite severe and can sometimes even stop a person from performing his/her daily activities. It is one those problems that usually prompt a visit to a doctor and lengthy therapies.

Simple and natural method

22mldlkBack pain can be caused due to some reasons. One can suffer from it as a result of a sports injury, while the other can suffer from a long-term chronic pain. However, if you suffer from one of these types of back pain, you do not have to worry about spending way too much time at the doctor’s office and going through all kinds of physical therapies.

Alongside previously mentioned types of pain, nerve damage pain, muscle tear pain, ligament strain pain, and pain caused by old scar tissue formation, can be all effectively treated via specific natural methods. The purpose of this article is to discuss this topic and provide a couple of useful tips, which will guide you throughout the process of alleviating or eliminating your back pain by incorporating a specific massage technique.

The massager

The first and most important item you are going to have to use is a hand held percussion massager. Before you actually buy one of these, make sure to look for and buy a high-quality percussive massager, because otherwise, your massage therapy will not yield the best results. Using the massager is quite simple, and it requires you to hold it with one hand and let it sweep the entire area of your back in constant upwards and downwards motions.

You should also let it vibrate over the areas where you feel the strongest pain. For maximum results, you should do this for at least 20 minutes, each day. In case you spot a knot on your back, make sure to have the massager sitting on it for a certain period. It might be even better if you could find someone else to hold the massager for you.

The person using it will be able to get a much better angle and press it into your back with full force. Once you have finished working with the massager, you will feel a slight numbing sensation throughout your back area. To further increase the effectiveness of the massage and relax all the surrounding nerves, make sure to set the massager to the lowest settings and use it to massage the areas around your shoulders and the base part of your neck.

A good mattress

The next thing you should do is to find a firm mattress to sleep on. For maximum effectiveness, you should sleep in the supine position, since that way you will properly support your backs. Also, try to avoid lying on your stomach, with your neck turned to the sides. Sleeping this way will only put additional strain and pressure on your neck and back.

An ergonomic pillow

33lksdljLastly, you should consider using an ergonomic pillow. Such a pillow will properly support both your neck and back and will help you keep proper posture while you are standing, walking, sleeping and sitting.