Cost Of Building Stamped Concrete For Your Patio

Stamped concrete is seen as a cost-effective alternative to traditional materials used to pave and decorate patios. In this case, the patio is built by mixing, pouring, compacting and stamping concrete with a pattern so as to look like brick, tile, wood, slate or flagstone. The cost of building stamped concrete patio varies depending on the design, coloring, size and pattern of the patio. However, a square foot of stamped concrete usually ranges from $8 to $12, $12 to $18, and over $18 for basic, intermediate and high end respectively depending on the design complexity. Now that you know the price ranges for building stamped concrete for your patio, it is also important to understand various factors that affect the price.4t5y67utydgbf

Factors influencing cost of building stamped concrete patio

1. Land preparation

The area where your stamped concrete patio has to be built must be prepared properly. This may include some excavation or grading of the area. Thus the cost will depend on the excavation and grading requirements.

2. Materials and tools

The building process will require various tools and materials including concrete, texturizing and stamping tools, reinforcement, some chemicals and paints, waste overage, etc. The quantities of these materials and tools will usually be determined by the size of the patio. When the patio is bigger, more materials will be required thus increasing the cost.

3. Labor costs

If you hire a contractor and its costs will vary from one state to another. For instance the cost of stamped concrete nh will be different from that in New York and other states. Total labor cost consists of excavation, grading, concrete mixing, pouring, compacting, patterning, coloring and texturing. You can reduce the labor cost by helping the contractor in doing the job. However, labor cost is usually low because only one or two persons are required to complete the job in a day.

4. Coloring and patterning

The number of colors and types of patterns used to build the stamped concrete patio also affect cost. The cost of using many colors will be higher than that of a single color. Complex patterns may also be difficult to create thus increasing labor cost.

5. Design style

3r4t5y6u7tytThis is a major cost determinant when building stamped concrete patio since the design complexity influences the type of materials and tools to use. The design style also affects the time taken to complete the project. If the design style is too complex, the cost will rise. So you can lower the cost by ensuring that the design style of the patio is simple.