Tankless Water Heating Versus The Traditional Water Heating

A Tankless water heating system uses a heat source, that is either gas or electric to warm up cool water as and when needed rather than storing an already heated hot water in a tank. A traditional water heating system stores and preheats thirty to fifty gallons of water in a tank. After that, the preheated water is used as and when the need arises. This might be whenever someone needs to shower, wash dishes or do the laundry. As the preheated water is used up, the tank refills to be reheated once more. Some trade-offs need to be made when choosing one over the other, and besides, the decision depends much on an individual’s budget and lifestyle.

Tankless water heating versus the traditional water heating

Huge savings in the long run

According to industry experts, the tankless water heating system results in enormous savings for homeowners who consume less than forty-one gallons of hot water daily. The demand water heating system can save between 25%–35% of energy as compared to the conventional storage tank water heaters. These huge savings in utility bill os perhaps the main advantage of the demand water heating system.


Economize on space

Unlike the traditional water heating system; the tankless water heating system doesn’t take up much space. They are smaller and can thus be installed in more places inside the house or even outside the house on a wall or any structure. This factor has made tank’ess heating system popular on homes where space is a problem. This includes among other places, flats or story buildings including skyscrapers.

Lasts longer

Tankless water heater lasts longer than the traditional water heating system. Most of then last up to and even more than 20 years. You can the best tankless water heater at the best price that will serve you for a long time. It is as double the traditional water heater’s lifespan. This makes tankless water heating system to be very economical in the long run.

Instant water heating

Tankless water heater delivers hot water on instantly and as and when demanded. This is regardless of whether you need two or three gallons of-of hot water instantly. This is quite in contrary to the traditional hot water heating system whereby all the water on the tank has to be heated regardless of the quantity of water needed. Besides being an energy guzzler, traditional water heaters also forces the home to be patient and uneconomical with time. Simply put, he must spare enough time to allow the entire water tank to be heated before he can use the hot water.

However, the tankless water heating system has some serious drawbacks as compared the traditional water heater. It costs some pretty good amount of money to install a good tankless water heater. Experts put the cost of installing the system at USD 2800 to USD 4500 install. The variance is brought about by the model to be installed and where it’s bought. Just a fraction of this amount is enough to install the traditional water heater.