If you want to remodel or increase space in your building, you must use the services of a general contractor. It will be huge work. Hence an individual cannot tackle it by themselves. To get the best services, there are things you must know about the contractors. This article will give some important points that enable you to work best with the contractor you have chosen.



Communication is key to the success of any project. You should be in a position where you freely talk to the project manager. They too should not fear to tell you their concerns. Immediately you realize something going against your expectation, tell them. To enable easy communication, exchange contact and makes sure each is okay with being called concerning work.


Before meeting the contractor have points you want to be discussed written down. Have you ever forgotten all you wanted to say on the meeting day? Keeping notes helps you if such happens. Write down all points of concern and even where work is well done. Do not be the type to complain always.

Check work

It is important that you are aware of every progress made. This allows you to make correction where possible. Make it a must to visit the site every day. To make it easy for you to inspect, be there before or after workmen are done. It might be a bit hard inspecting in their presence.


Contractors can be very tricky especially if fully paid. On the payment, contract indicates that payments will only be done on completion. If you have to give them any amount, it should not be more than 10%. They can get materials on credit and make payments after work is done. Make payments only when work is done and to your satisfaction.

Treat them well

Be a good employer. It has always been said that if you treat workers well, you get the best services. This is true to contractors. You can offer to be buying lunch or even phone credits.